About us.


NGL Labs – The first gemological lab in the world to provide NFT certificate in addition to the popular physical stone grading certificate , We provide the highest level of professional gemological services and grading for the stones, Diamonds, Gems and precious stones. 

Our lab are staffed with the most high skilled and experienced gemologists who inspect each stone personally and give it the most accurate grading possible, Our gemologists are using the state of the art machinery and devices for inspections of the diamonds and gemstones, we are also detecting between natural diamonds, lab-grown stones and treated diamonds.

The NGL certificate – Our product is the most wanted certificate among the end clients, The NGL certificate is one of a kind, The only precious stone certificate that the clients get on the blockchain technology, a unique uncopyable NFT certificate for the client to keep in his personal crypto wallet, Clients trust NGL labs to have the most accurate grading to their stones, What ensures that our certificate will always be the industry leading both by grading accuracy and state of the art technology features.

Full information – Our biggest priority are our clients, We are doing everything possible to ensure that we are giving the most accurate grading about each and every stone, For the client’s to have full information about the stones graded with GNL Labs;

Each stone tested with NGL labs is tested and described fully with an HD photo
The certificate is made from the highest quality materials and has multi anti-counterfeit features and QR codes

Online PDF certificate you can download from ngl-labs.com

Online unique NFT certificate

N.G.L gemological labs