How to read an NGL Labs report


The NGL Diamond Report includes the gemstone’s description (natural or laboratory-grown) as well as its
shape, cutting style, measurements and 4Cs assessment: Carat Weight, Color, Clarity and Cut. Diamond
reports may also include a graphic representation of the diamond's proportions and a diagram of its
clarity characteristics


1. Date - Date of the official appraisal.


2. Report Type - A narrative description of the type of stone or jewelry.

3. The stone shape description (round, pear, etc.)

4. Carat weight - Each diamond is weighed on an electric digital balance with results reported to
the nearest hundredth of a carat (i.e. 100 points = 1 carat). If a diamond is submitted mounted
the weight will be estimated as per accepted gemological formula (tolerance +/- 3% to 15%).

5. Measurements - Each stone is measured to the hundredth of a millimeter by our state of the art

6. Color Grade - The color grade of the diamond solitaire is based on the internationally accepted
system for diamond grading. This color grade describes the range in which the diamond is
positioned when compared to the prescribed set of diamond master color comparison stones.

7. Color Origin - A description showing if the stone had any treatments to achieve the color grade.

8. Color Distribution - A description to define the color distribution all over the stone.

9. Clarity Grade - The clarity grade of the diamond solitaire based on the internationally accepted
system for diamond grading. This clarity grade describes the summation of the number, size,
placement, and the nature of inclusions and/or surface irregularities.

10. Polish - Polish of the diamond expresses firstly the quality of polish on the diamond surface.

11. Symmetry - A description of alignment and symmetry of the facet arrangement.

12. Fluorescence - The stone’s reaction to ultraviolet light expressed in terms of intensity.

13. Characteristics - A description of the stone’s internal and external characteristics.

14. Comments - Extra information about the stone - described by our professionals.
Proportions diagram - Diamond Profile Measurements- All of the diamond’s various angles and
proportion measurements.
Clarity Characteristics - A mapping of the stone’s internal and external characteristics.
Grading scales (Color, Clarity and Cut) - The internationally accepted gemologists system used
to grade a diamond’s color and clarity.